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12/20/10 2:48:01PM
As Bellator Fighting Championships get ready to embark on a new relationship with MTV2 starting in 2011, the promotion has officially announced a light heavyweight tournament that will kick off in March.

The tournament was first confirmed in an report regarding the signing of free agent Daniel Gracie to the tournament earlier this month.

The light heavyweight tournament will be the latest edition to the Bellator roster of tournaments, and the first of its kind for the organization.

12/20/10 2:52:20PM
Wonder who they got planned for this tourney.
12/20/10 4:10:52PM
Wonder if jardine or elliot marshall will be in it

I am actually looking forward to see who bellator got for the tourney
12/20/10 8:14:33PM
Raphael Davis probably
12/20/10 10:55:18PM
Bellator is great, but I wish their tournaments were just two events. The fighters would fight twice a night each event to win. Unless there was a larger bracket tournament, then it could be expanded
12/21/10 12:54:16AM
James Irvin, Sokodjou, and Houston Alexander would all be good additions as well.
12/21/10 3:20:22AM
im pretty excited for them to be on mtv2. this will really help the tourney out with more viewers.
12/21/10 4:13:54AM
Why even have TDs? Why not just call it a kick boxing match.
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