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3/29/11 5:33:57PM
Just wrapped an interview w/ @BellatorMMA CEO Bjorn Rebney for Gross Point Blank. He confirmed Cole Konrad fights Paul Buentello in April.

3/29/11 6:33:36PM
Not a bad match up for Cole. He's still green he could use more cage time and he would have a chance to add a good name under his belt. Favorable style match up and beating a former top ufc contender is not a bad thing. With the exception of Askren and the Goat I am a fan of most of the fights they gave their champs.
3/29/11 7:02:28PM
Like both of these fighters
3/29/11 7:07:30PM
What do you guys think the headhunter's gameplan will be going in to this one?

3/29/11 10:18:20PM
I like the idea of Bellator going after some big names.

But I presume it will be non-title.
3/29/11 11:36:53PM
This is good for Cole. I have a lot of respect for Buentello, but I don't like his chances here. Cole has such a bright future and I wonder just how long he'll stay out of the hands of Zuffa.
3/30/11 8:31:31AM
Konrad is gonna take Buentello to the floor over and over, Buentello can only win standing.
3/30/11 8:43:58AM
Good fight.
But I think cole will lay on him for three rounds still a good fight
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