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2/17/11 11:08:45AM
Unbeaten Bellator welterweight champion Ben Askren has his next test, and it will be against his most seasoned opponent yet.

Askren, who won the promotion's Season 2 welterweight tournament to earn a date with champ Lyman Good, whom he beat to win the title in October, will face UFC veteran Nick Thompson at Bellator 40 in April. Bellator made the fight official on Wednesday – though it will be a non-title fight.

2/17/11 1:08:41PM
That sucks for Thompson, he better bring his wrestle r*pe whistle.
2/17/11 3:33:56PM
Askren is a beast. He made me a fan in his fight against Dan Hornbuckle, which was just amazing to watch for me. Don't know much about Thompson, but he better have some high level wrestling.
2/17/11 6:40:58PM
I really like Askren, but everybody seems to hate him. He's still new at this, give him a chance.
2/18/11 8:45:08AM
Poor match making by belator, no disrespect to thompson he's deff a game fighter with some good wins under his belt but why match up your most dominant and promising champion with a guy coming off 3 losses ? I understand giving him a winnable fight especially in a non title bout but don't see much upside for askren. Atleast give him some body coming off a win. If ben could stop him here he would really be showing his progress as a fighter
2/18/11 10:27:53AM
Who hates Askren?
I like Askren!
I'd be intrigued to watch him fight GSP simply to see how their wrestling compares.
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