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4/7/11 2:15:35PM
"I think people like that are losers because, in my mind, a fight's about winning, not about putting on a show. We're not singers, we're not actors, we are mixed martial artists or fighters or athletes, whichever way you wanna do it and that's about winning ... When you're fighting for 25 minutes, every fan and their mother can talk **** about this and that and don't finish fights. Well, why don't they get in there and fight for 25 minutes? That's a long time. And you got to win before you show. I mean, people that show on top of winning, say Anderson Silva, that dude now he's a showman but he's also won, what, 13 fights in a row? So, obviously, he can do it. And there's people like Leonard Garcia who goes out and puts on a show but he's like 3-5 in his last 8 fights. Like, c'mon dude."

4/7/11 3:27:42PM
4/7/11 3:45:41PM
A bit harsh to call someone out who likes to give fans an exciting show. I like Askren, but I think he might be a little butthurt over his last three decisions. Yeah, the main goal is winning, but there is nothing wrong with a guy like Garcia who likes to brawl and give the fans an exciting show.
4/7/11 4:22:33PM
I get where he's coming from to a certain point. The goal is to win but no one wants to see a fighter lay and pray his way to a victory every fight. As long as the guy on top is staying busy trying to punish his opponent and not just holding on for a cheap win I'm fine with it. But when it becomes a pure wrestling match and he's just holding position the whole fight it's not fighting it's wrestling, and if I wanted to watch wrestling I would. For the record he can bash Garcia all he wants but I'd watch a Garcia fight any day over one of his fights. Every time Garcia fights it's a potential fight of the night, when you see an Askren fight you hope you don't fall asleep (at the few fights I've seen of him).
4/7/11 4:27:19PM

Posted by The_Metal_Maniac


4/7/11 5:00:17PM
someone is jealous that they arent too exciting...
4/7/11 5:11:39PM
I agree to a small extent, but the way he words this it really comes off like he's jealous of the more exciting fighters. I was a fan of Askren, but I'm kind of starting to dislike him.
4/7/11 5:19:43PM
I actually think Askren is one the more exciting wrestlers in MMA as he tends to change position a lot. But he needs to realize people watch fights to be entertained if every fight is the latest episode of the, ”human blanket” people will stop watching. Although I think he makes some good points he come off like a jerk. I hope Thompson Chokes him out.
4/7/11 5:38:39PM
no offense to wrestlers, but htat seems to be a very "wrestler" mentality
4/7/11 6:10:51PM
Askren does come off a little douchey right here. I gotta say though, he is right. The sport is mixed martial arts, and you can use whatever tools you have at your disposal to win a fight. He just happens to be an Olympic level athlete, and so naturally he is going to use his wrestling skills to his advantage.

I don't feel bad for anyone who fights him, or Jon Fitch, while we are at it. You know what their game is. If you want to stand and brawl, then you need to impose your will, and get some take down defense going and knock them out, if that's what you are trying to do. Or up your Jiu Jitsu game and submit them. Don't just bitch about your inability to control the fight or cause damage.
4/7/11 10:19:18PM
Him and leonard are at opposite sides of the spectrum. He's right that winning is important, but at the end of the day I'd still rather watch Leonard fight than Askren.

This exactly the kind of thing you would expect to hear from a lay and pray fighter like Askren though.
4/7/11 11:34:44PM
people like garcia are the reason our sport is growing. the average fan wants to see a knockdown drag out brawl and guys like garcia get those peoples asses in seats. i see where askren is coming from but calling garcia a loser is rediculous. theres alot of educated MMA fans on the playground that enjoy a good technical fight, i do, but i also enjoy the brawlers like garcia
4/8/11 3:02:48AM

Posted by tcunningham

people like garcia are the reason our sport is growing.

Reading this hurts. It really, really does.
4/8/11 9:46:36AM
I am curious why he called garcia out. For bonuses instead of say chris lytle
Ben is not exciting at all, a lot of wrestlers aren't
4/8/11 9:53:12AM
Not impressed that he is talking **** about a fighter who fights 25 poundsbelow where he fights.
4/8/11 10:05:47AM

Posted by emfleek

Posted by tcunningham

people like garcia are the reason our sport is growing.

Reading this hurts. It really, really does.

Doesn't hurt... just doesnt make much sense to read. And ben askren...when you stop pancaking your way to get Ws then you can start trash talking.
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