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3/30/17 5:49:21PM
The Bellator 175: Rampage vs. King Mo 2 official weigh-ins will stream live on The UG from Chicago at 2:00 p.m. ET. Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson and Muhammed ‘King Mo’ Lawal rematch in the main event.

Main Card
Quinton Jackson (253) vs. Muhammed Lawal (212)
Marcos Galvao (145.5) vs. Emmanuel Sanchez (149.5)*
Chase Gormley (265.5) vs. Sergei Kharitonov (264)
Lloyd Carter (148) vs. Noad Lahat (146)
Steve Kozola (155) vs. Jake Roberts (156)
PRELIMINARY CARD (MMAjunkie, 6:45 p.m. ET)
Prelim Card
Max Fuentes (138) vs. Brandon Shelhart (135)
Asef Askar (157) vs. James Esposito (154.5)
Brian Akins (156) vs. Mike DeLaVega (156)
Cory Galloway (136) vs. David Garcia (137)
Tom Holder (169) vs. Josh Streaker (170.5)
Joaquin Buckley (171) vs. Justin Patterson (171)
Tim Cho (150) vs. Joshua Hardwick (150)
Manny Vazquez (130) vs. Nate Williams (129)
James Bochnovic (205) vs. Matt Paul (207.5)
Damian Norris (155) vs. Tom Shoaff (155)
Adam Maciejewski (262) vs. Prince McLean (225)

*Bout changed to catchweight.

3/30/17 10:04:02PM
Holy what the....Rampage was almost at the HW limit. That's just crazy. That's 41lbs heavier than Mo. I gotta imagine dispite the weight advantage Page has i don't think it's gonna help him especially late. He should be awfully show at this weight, and I'd imagine he's gonna get tired out pretty quickly.

A bit disappointed with Sanchez missing weight. Glad the fight is still happening though. Galvao is moving up from BW so it would've been nice to see Sanchez hit his mark.

This it's probably my favorite fight of the Bellator 175 lineuo Galvao vs Sanchez. Should be a fun, good, competitive fight.
3/30/17 10:26:48PM
Page has always talked about cardio being his least favorite part of training camp, by far and wide. The conference call when Mo told him they're fighting at HW and not a catchweight was hilarious. Page came in ready to show that Truffle Shuffle. He's going to gas in the first and this will be another weak showing by both men, most likely. I have Mo by unanimous decision.
3/31/17 2:52:51AM
Page has always been a big LHW but not this big......253 lbs, lol.....he's gonna gas if Mo makes him wrestle, which I think he will.
3/31/17 12:59:11PM
Yep, I put half my kitty bucks on Mo.
3/31/17 5:18:19PM
Yeah Rampage went full HW this time lol.

He fought Maldonado in ufc at catchweight,then his last fight in Bellator was at HW against Satoshi Ishii and he was 224Lbs.

He said in an interview around the time of the Ishii fight that he has thyroid issues and can no longer make lhw.So im guessing he hit the weights and embraced it lol.

He may have more power but he definitely won't have cardio.If it goes past the first round king mo pretty much should win.That being said im still interested to see this play out.WAR MO!!!
4/1/17 10:49:02PM
Its crazy Page was 4-0 going into last night's fight. He couldve easily have been 2-2 since his first Mo fight was controversial and the Iishi fight was close too. I actually had him winning against Iishi despite more people thinking Page lost.

I'm soooo far away from a Mo fan but he seemed like easy pickin's last night. Had a large straight bet, parlay and an 11pt pick. Just seemed really easy pick and money to be made.
4/2/17 5:06:14PM
Rampage didn't actually look bad.....well as bad as i expected.

The ishii fight was rampage out of shape lhw body this fight was rampage fully commited to hw.

He of course was a bit slower but cardio wise he didnt hit a wall third round and showed he still was in it throughout.I think mo being much more agile just was a bad match.

Rampage is a UFC fighter now that his Bellator contract is fulfilled.I think it was something like 4 fights left......

I doubt he is trying to get back to lhw so who is he going to fight at Hw in the ufc after losing in Bellator?

Also with new owners trying to penny pinch maybe they don't even honor the contract and terminate his services ......or use his name value for cards.

Heres something interesting as well......
Rampage mentioned in an interview bellator originally wanted him to fight Crocop before crocop retired,and he says he'd love to fight in japan for Rizin.

I jut read that Crocop wants to fight Fedor for his very last fight......(make it happen)But i think Rizin could make Rampage vs Crocop happen if Rampage becomes a free agent.