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2/4/07 7:22:48AM
Going to my first live event, UFC 68. I'm looking to spend as little as possible, but, there are still quite a few options on seating. Anyone have any advice before I purchase tickets?

Thanks in advance
2/4/07 10:55:50PM
My only advice is that while I've never seen a cage event live, I've heard it is really restrictive to view on the floor. Try to look at the seating chart and get a good close overview so that you figure you can prob'ly see the whole cage not just a side. I also don't think that they hold these events in big enough places yet that even the bad seats are that bad considering they're aroung 1/5 or less the price of a seat where you might be close but not see much.

If I'm wrong, and you've seen a cage event close don't flame me simply post and tell me I'm wrong please.