Avitar bet: Drew Fickett vs. Jake Shields

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5/4/08 12:19:04AM
I bet my avitar that when this fight actually happens Jake Shields loses via RNC.

I bet it for two months.
5/4/08 2:10:09AM
Your on, I have Jake via Unanimous Decision
5/4/08 2:29:40AM
Alrighty. I sure am going to miss your avitar though. Out of all the avitar's on this site yours is my favorite. lol
5/4/08 12:21:36PM
That fight is off again.


. No way Fickett would choke out Shields though IMO
5/4/08 1:08:45PM
It seems that Shields should pull away with the win but if I know Drew Fickett he'll do something crazy and get the win
5/4/08 5:03:20PM
Yea, thats why I said when the two FINALLY fight. lol
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