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7/17/08 1:27:26AM
Okay guys, i've talked myself into this.

Anyone want to Avatar bet me on the O'Brien vs. Velasquez fight.
The loser will have to accept the avatar that the winner picks, blah, blah, blah you know how they go.

The avatar bet will go on until the day of UFC 87.

Oh, this should attract A LOT of people.......

Im picking Jake O'Brien. A bit of a stretch, but Im hearing a lot of buzz about Velasquez and I will question his cardio (which I base this on entirely nothing)

So go ahead, any takers?

Oh yea, if you lose.. this is your avatar.
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7/17/08 1:52:34AM
ok i'll take cain, and i kinda like that picture.

heres your picture.....

good luck
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7/17/08 2:53:39AM
I get a feeling candy is going to be hating MMA soon.
7/17/08 8:34:51AM
I'm having that saaaame feeling ... and it sucks that i came in too late
7/17/08 10:22:50AM
You're on Joshy Boy!

Let the Irish reign supreme!!
7/17/08 10:29:01AM
On paper O'Brien is the smarter, more experienced pick. I'm picking him as well... with a cautious awareness of Cain's ability.

p.s. Candynuts: That avatar... thats just mean. Sends shivers down my spine.
7/17/08 4:06:55PM
hmmmm.... OK
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