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11/26/07 7:30:29PM
Listen to the entire conference call with Georges St. Pierre, Matt Hughes and Dana White talking about the fight at UFC 79. The call is pretty long and its broken into two parts. The first part is about 25 minutes and the second part is about 30 minutes.
11/26/07 7:43:05PM
Anybody wanna give a quick summary?
11/26/07 7:48:29PM
Very interesting... and funny. Hughes talks alot about Serra and GSP answes the questions very well. Something your kinda have to listen to for yourself though.
11/26/07 8:52:52PM
Hughes is pissed!!!! Before this I was picking Serra but now that I hear how focused and hungry Hughes is I think he would have beaten Serra. Hopefully that fight happens. GSP said the short notice won't be a problem but we'll have to wait and see.
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