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1/26/08 10:42:29AM
Titletown Combat Championship 2 Presented by "Jones Signs"
"Carnage in the Cage"
Feb 23rd @ Brown County Arena
1901 S. Oneida St
Green Bay, WI
15 bouts of Pro and Amateur MMA
Featured fighters: Goodman, Foley, Kleckowski, Krull and many more of WI's Top Pro and Ammy talent from these gyms:
Duke Roufus Academy
Neutral Grounds
Third Heaven
Fox Valley Grappling
Green Bay BJJ & MMA
Des Moines Extreme
Team Crazy, Minnesota
and many more

Tickets can be purchased @ Ticketstar for more info:

Interested fighters contact me here or either of the web pages,
Thank You
1/26/08 5:51:14PM
Who's all fighting from Roufus' gym.
Any of Matamoros' guys (ex-guys) fighting??
1/26/08 6:11:45PM
The guys we have from Roufusport are
Dave Kleckowski 7-3, 185lb
Donovan Foley 7-1, 170lb
Isaac Krull 2-0, 265lb
Marco Daniels 3-4, 145lb

I don't know if any of these fighters we're with Henry at sometime but, I believe they have an agreement for fighters to workout at either gym. To cover ground and striking skills.
1/27/08 10:45:43AM
One of my gym's fighters just fought against a guy from Neutral Grounds in a Muay Thai fight last night, he was tough but ultimately lost
1/27/08 12:39:52PM
Who fought who? Where?
1/27/08 5:39:25PM

Posted by thunder1030

Who fought who? Where?

It was in Reading, PA.
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