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5/20/10 7:28:20PM
According to Josh Gross' latest column for, Strikeforce 185-pound champ Jake Shields' manager and father, Jack Shields says that the promotion has yet to bother to contact them to attempt to negotiate a new contract.

"The time is ticking. We'd like to move forward as soon as possible,"the elder Shields told Gross on Monday. "I'd like to be negotiating right now."

Strikeforce reps blamed their busy event schedule for the delay, but a source told Gross that they have actually considered releasing Shields before an exclusive negotiating period that expires in three weeks. Even after that period ends, the promotion still has the right to match any offer made by any other promotion, but the fact that they are pretending Shields doesn't exist and discussing life after he leaves the organization essentially all but says they are conceding he will not be back.

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker seemed irritated by Gross' inquiry about the possibility that they may release the talented welterweight who has spent the last year moonlighting as a middleweight so he could ensure he had challenging fights.

"Can I guarantee that we won't release him? No, I can't. It depends on how the last two or three weeks of negotiation go. I won't be able to answer until negotiations are over. Is it a possibility? It's a possibility. If we're not going to be in the Jake Shields business, let's just move on," Coker said. "That's how I feel. This is a business. Jake has a career and a life and it's not fair to him. But Jake is a guy we've appreciated having him as part of the family."

5/20/10 8:49:19PM
Good I hope SF sleeps on this, it will make it that much quicker for Shields to fight in the organization that he belongs in....The UFC!
5/20/10 9:02:39PM
Yeah SF is missing the boat here for sure. I say this on earlier. I love the pick with the SF belt in the window of the pawn shop!!! Classsic.
5/20/10 9:32:03PM
I heard an Interview with Bellator CEO Bjorn Remney (spelling) and they asked about the super fight between Gil and Eddie and he said Coker won't call him back either.
5/20/10 10:08:26PM
And what a great fight that would be. It would benefeit both orgs...that night anyways. Not sure who I would pick though? Alverez.......Melendez????? Both of these guys are good enough to be at the top of the contenders in the UFC IMO. Almost would have to be a stnd up victory right.?? Both ground games nixing the other?
5/20/10 10:27:25PM
I've figured it out...Coker must have AT&T!
5/21/10 2:38:48PM
Coker is really screwing himself here by not getting in touch with Shields. It's like he doesn't want to challenge Dana on this matter.
5/21/10 6:13:16PM
I wouldn't want to either but I would at least give it a not putting on the Melendez Alvarez fight would be just plain stupid IMO.
5/21/10 6:16:14PM
He needs to challenge Dana if he wants some big guns in MMA.
5/21/10 7:16:27PM
This whole things has been quite an embarrassment for Strikeforce. Not redoing his contract basically taking him out of the commercials for the fight on CBS all but telling Shields they didn't think he would be retaining the title. Now this. Man so much for showing a guy how much you appreciate him! This is a guy who moved up to a dead middleweight because there wasn't anything for him at WW and beats the guy you just paid the house for and was supposed to be your staple! Just a sign of things in Stirkeforce imo an organization who at this point will be remembered as Elite XC 2.0.
5/21/10 7:55:53PM

Posted by DevonFoxy

Just a sign of things in Stirkeforce imo an organization who at this point will be remembered as Elite XC 2.0.

I can actually agree with this....they also had a champ who was challenged by the guy who just lost to Fedor, the champ is not Fedor, and the champ didn't defend his title for nearly two years! Now I like AO, but they should have dropped him.
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