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4/10/11 11:09:48AM
Following his dominant decision victory over veteran, Nick Thompson, at Bellator 40 last night, reigning Bellator welterweight champ, Ben Askren, revealed to Sherdog that he would be moving to Milwaukee to train full-time with Duke Roufus's team, alongside Anthony Pettis, Erik Koch, and Pat Barry

4/10/11 11:33:42AM
If anything this should give Askren some more options in the fight.
4/10/11 12:11:57PM
I think that is a great move for Askren. At this point Askren is fairly one dimensional. However he is exceptionally good at that one facet. Training with the Duke Roufus Team should help him become a more well rounded fighter. Ben is obviously a great student who is focused, pays attention and learns well. His wrestling is stellar. If he can learn, digest, retain and master what Duke teaches him he will be an even bigger force to reckon with. I am not a big fan of Askren but he has great ability, obvious great discipline and immense potential. I think it is safe to say that we will probably see Ben Askren in the UFC eventually.
4/10/11 12:18:03PM
Smart decision. Askren and Roufus seem to do very well together, and Askren still needs improvement in his overall MMA game.
4/10/11 2:12:18PM
Askren would beat GSP IMO....his wrestling is so good wouldnt be close...

For honesty..Koscheck is a good wrestler, Fitch is better and GSP is a little better MMA fighter and therefore his wrestling looks a little better than FItch but hes not a better pure wreslter...

Askren is on another level...Hes like the Jon Jones in wrestling hes light years beyond the other guys seriously....
4/10/11 3:45:05PM
This will be good for Askren and for the guys at Roufus, like Barry who could use some wrestling.

4/10/11 10:22:00PM
Guess that means I wont be seeing Ben Askren aimlessly wandering around the local Wal-Mart anymore
4/10/11 10:44:19PM
Ben's wrestling is so strange. He doesn't really have that traditional power double, but all he needs do is get his arms on someone and he can chain wrestle through transitions until he is on top. He might not be the greatest wrestler in history, but he is as good at scrambling and transitioning as any wrestler I've ever seen.

If he can really dedicate himself full-time to mma and get good enough on the feet to survive a round there, he could be very special.
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