UFC Art Book Entitled 'Octagon'

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11/27/07 6:26:56PM

This is an art book filled with many pictures of the UFC and it's fighters. Now much is known about this book except Dana White will be plugging it wednesday ngiht on CNBC's Conversations with Michael Eisner.
11/27/07 6:58:56PM
Looks cool but a little pricey
11/27/07 7:00:44PM
Wow, I didn't even look at the price! Holy Hell!
11/27/07 7:11:28PM
Little pricey = understatement of the century. $2,500 bucks you could build your own octagon lol.
11/27/07 8:07:23PM
Not sure what to say to that price, except...

11/27/07 8:28:11PM
Its a limited edition collector's item. There's already a waiting list. I can almost guarantee they will make a smaller version for wide release.
11/27/07 9:38:36PM
Exactly, thats a real smart business move by them. With only 600 books available you can easily get that many people to fork over that much for it so there is where the max profit will come in.

Within a few months or less I would expect the book to be condensed and not packaged quite as nice. The book will probably be sold for about $60 then.
11/27/07 10:09:02PM
It's a Christmas season thing.
12/6/07 3:45:29PM
I would totally buy it if I werent such a jew.
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