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9/21/09 8:26:54PM
TOKYO – Antonio Silva’s exile to Japan is all but over, he says.

Silva, who faces Jim York on Sept. 22 at World Victory Road’s “Sengoku Tenth Battle” at the Super Saitama Arena, said his steroid suspension in California expired on July 27, and that he is in negotiations with several promotions to return to stateside action.

9/21/09 11:49:17PM
I think he will sign with SF, that way he can go and fight Barnett for the HW Sengoku title. I don't think he is high enough quality for the UFC, plus he comes with baggage....he is SF bound.
9/22/09 12:38:43PM
Wherever he goes, I'll watch. I agree that he isn't UFC quality yet but I also don't know too much about him and so I would like to see him fight some more. He has unique skills for someone his size.
9/22/09 3:05:37PM
I'm not so sure the CSAC will not pressure other commissions because he violated his suspension. Right or wrong he went against the suspension and tried to sue them. So I wouldn't be shocked if he gets turned down by other commissions. Just because a promotion is trying to get him doesn't mean a the commission in that state will let him fight. Also just because CSAC suspension didn't get extended doesn't mean they will allow him to get licenses to fight.
9/22/09 3:51:02PM

I don't think he is high enough quality for the UFC

Really? I'd say he is better than Tim Hague, Stven Struve, or Mustapha al Turk.

He might not be able to beat the best in the division, but he definitely is in the range of many UFC HWs.
9/22/09 11:16:48PM
I don't think they are actually up to par either, I certainly wouldn't want to add to the problem. I want proven quality HWs...Overeem, the elusive Fedor, Aleks, a steriod free Barnett, ect....right now the div is good but I think it could be brought up to the LHW Divs level if the right investments were made.
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