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8/3/07 10:02:57AM
Anthony Johnson, who scored a stunning 13-second knockout of Chad Reiner at UFC Fight Night 10 last month, has been scratched from his UFC 75 fight with Jess Liaudin (11-8 MMA, 1-0 UFC) because of a shoulder injury and has been replaced by the “The Ultimate Fighter 2’s” Anthony Torres.

8/3/07 10:25:45AM
Should be a good fight.
8/3/07 12:56:22PM
I really wanted to see Anthony johnson fight again, see if he was really for real.
8/3/07 1:32:48PM
I second that.
8/3/07 1:59:01PM
That's unfortunate Anthony Johnson looked impressive but was it a fluke? We'll have to wait and see him fight again. Anthony Torres isin't an exciting fighter either.
8/3/07 2:00:30PM
i cant see torres winning the fight, he got dominated by cummo in TUF 2
8/3/07 5:55:51PM
this is pretty funny because anthony johnson was a replacement for steve bruno who was supposed to fight chad reiner. bruno's injury was to his shoulder as well. weird..
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