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12/1/16 12:13:16PM
Anthony ‘Showtime’ Pettis captured two men on video, targeting his vehicles in Milwaukee. The incident comes just months after other cars he owned were set on fire.

Yesterday TMJ4 news out of Milwaukee reported that former UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis had experienced yet another incident regarding his vehicles.


12/1/16 1:34:37PM
Looks like some juveniles being little shits. Most likely targeting him because him and his brother are 'famous' and the thieves could know his gym schedule and target when he's gone.
12/1/16 3:35:43PM
he don't lock his vehicle
12/1/16 4:01:34PM
The dark side of the Wheaties box.
12/1/16 9:29:12PM
Former ufc champ can't afford a lock up garage ?
12/1/16 11:23:43PM
Bendo, STOP!
12/2/16 10:04:48AM
They look pretty young to me. Bad day to forget to lock it. He will perpetually be a target. Time for a garage.
12/2/16 12:20:07PM
Dude really needs to lock those doors.
12/2/16 12:40:19PM
For fucksakes Showtime lock your goddamn car! I don't have shit in my vehicle except a couple old CDs but I still lock it everytime.