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2/6/07 2:10:12AM
Interview Answers for Ariel Sexton and the Ryan Gracie Camp: Please check out Ariel Sexton on He is the 170lb Champ of Costa Rica and is undefeated in MMA. He will be fighting in the IFL and UFC soon. At 23 he is very young and his training partner Juan barrantes is 19 has 5 pro fights and is tough as nails and he is definitly a stand out .

Q & A with Ariel Sexton & the Gracie Camp in Costa Rica

1) What is the atmosphere training in a Gracie camp? What are the calibur of fighters in your camp and are there any standouts (other than yourself) who you feel are worth mentioning.

1..My Team in Costa Rica is fairly young guys and some girls... We trian every day , and some times twice a day, and that is what seperates us
from the other schools. We have lots of very good Jiu Jiitsu fighters even better than me . Thats is what keeps it competative for everyoone . Everyone wants to be at there best at all times..My partner in crime Juan Barrantes is 19 and has 5 pro fights , and is tough as nails.Mark my word he is going to be a stand out . Plus there are a few other guys that are teedering on that fact to switch to fight mma.. our level is very high at the Gracie camp , and im very happy

2) You gave in my opinion a horrible heelhook to Donaldson, I'm a cringeworthy guy so maybe i'm wrong but looks like you wanted to take the guys leg off, any story behind this?

No . I think Mickey asked me this question before, and there was no bad blood. The only person I had beef with was Vasquez , becasue him and his camp would always taunt us and say how much better they are than us. So in that fight I had to celebrate a bit more Haha. We were doing lots of leg locks at that time ,and all the guys at our camp were injured even me from heelhooks and leg locks. So wee stopped doing them ... There was no intension to hurt anyone (dan) it wasnt even that hard its just a very scary submission.

3) Who do you think would make a good match up for in your first UFC fight? Anybody you are particularly looking for/want to fight in the division.

No idea... I just want to be explosive and win

4) Realistically what do you think your chances are in the division, how long until you expect to be challenging for the belt?

Excellent..In five years I will be a JJ black belt, and will have won at least one major B.J.J World title either in the IFL or the UFC or maybe both..

5) What methods/routines would you recommend to those who wish to start training to fight on the level that you are? How much dedication does it involve, how can your average Joe go about learning and then fighting MMA?

..good question.... I have to deal with that one every day... I teach Jiu Jitsu at a gym 3 days a week to lots of guys that want to eventuly fight mma. I think its very important to be exrta prepered to get in the ring. It take years of dedicaton to Jiu Jitsu then you have to know lots of stand up to hold your own. Plus you need to know wrestling so you dont get thrown around .
Combine all those and you have 30% of it. LOL.. The rest come from you mentaly and focusing on winning . I would rather have a record of 25-0 than 40-10 its not the nunber of fights that will male you its the quality. It takes hard work to be succesful and disapline is number one...

6) Do you feel that raining at a Gracie camp gives you any advantage in any area of MMA? If so which ones? What have you learnt from training at a gracie camp that you can pass on to others.

My advantage is definitly brazilian JJ... Its so efective . We are all trianaholics and submission specialists which means we have good condition and air in Costa Rica thats my stong stuff. It's very important not to over look the basics in J.J. Get a good foundaton so you can be dominant over those who dont.. right?. I have learned to always be humble and, that will take you futher than being cocky.. Trian hard , becasue your opponnet will be training hard also, and have fun with it ..

7) Where do you see yourself in five years time? In which organization, do you feel you will hold any belts by this time?

Well in five years ill be a JJ black belt , and will have won at least one major B.J.J. World title.. I will have some fights in the IFL ,WEC and the UFC. I will be a Gracie brother forever , i can never forget what got me this far.

8) Fluctuating in weight classes? Is this an option for you? Do you feel capable of doing so? If so where and when, will this ever be an option that you would consider, dependant on your results at the time.

Of course .. I am already giving it lots a thought becasue I am 170 full after Thanksgiving dinner ,you know what i mean ... If I am going to be sucessfull in the UFC. I will definitly have to consider it

9) How long do you train/study Mixed Martial Arts?

I trian every day at least three hours. When I have a fight I step it up ,and do about five hours daily.

What is your game plan when you get in the ring/octagon?

.We are submission specialists , I like to beat up my oponent first then tap him out.

I know when you won the Costa Rica 170lb belt you had to fight more than once in a night like the old UFC tournaments. What is that like?

fighting more than once in one night ...Well its tough becasue , you dont know who you are fighting , and thats the worst for me .. Then there are injurys so you have to take it easy in the first fight so you can save your self for the next 2.. Your adrenaline goes up and down which takes a toll on your body.

Ariel , Thank you for your time I know you are busy is there anything you would like you say to MMAPlayground ?

I want to thank everyone for all there questions .. Everyone calls me cbrico or kidpeligro.....which means both fast and dangerous. Mickey Thank you for putting this together , and by the way Thank you to the best sponsor in the World www.WeLoan.Us they will be sponsoring me and my camp as we fight around the world. Thanks again
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