UFC Announces Four Fights for The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale

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11/23/07 5:03:33AM
The UFC has officially announced a handful of fights for The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale, which takes place Dec. 8 at The Palms Las Vegas. The event airs on Spike TV.

Jared Rolins (5-3 MMA, 0-0 UFC) vs. Jon Koppenhaver (4-1 MMA, 0-0 UFC).
Troy Mandaloniz (2-1 MMA, 0-0 UFC) vs. Richie Hightower (7-1 MMA, 0-0 UFC).
Additionally, Roman Mitichyan (3-1 MMA, 0-0 UFC), who left the show during the season’s first episode because of a pre-existing broken elbow, will take on Dorian Price (7-2 MMA, 0-0 UFC).
Finally, cast member Paul Georgieff (5-1 MMA, 0-0 UFC) will take on UFC veteran (and non-cast member) Jonathan Goulet (19-9 MMA, 2-3 UFC).
11/23/07 5:12:13AM
I was hoping to see Barrera fight.
11/23/07 5:16:57AM
I actually really wanted to see a rematch between saunders and barerra.. those guys deserved a 3rd round and by dana's reaction, thought he was gonna give them their fight


It makes sense that they havent announced a fight for barerra because dana probably wants him to fight saunders, and saunders hasnt been eliminated according to what's been aired so far, so they cant announce the barerra vs saunders fight
11/23/07 5:19:51AM
Jared vs Jon is gonna be great! Can't wait for there lil scrap that they showed in the previews for next wedsenday!!!

Romans comin back wit a vengence. Dorian run forrest run!!
11/23/07 6:03:38AM
I'm very happy about these match-ups! Looking forward to Hightower rising above Troy and Roman just going buck on his opponent!
11/23/07 6:30:44AM
Yep i think they will make the Saunders VS Barrera rematch, theres still another 2 main card fights and 3 prelim fights TBA

To discuss the fights and everything so and see the TUF6 Finale thread i just made in the UFC Forum
11/23/07 6:52:58AM
people should rewatch that saunders barrera fight. berrera gets one good shot in and all of a sudden he won that round. people only think he won because saunders was on his back for so long. i like the judges they have on this show.they dont think standing and staring at a guy while hes laying down deserves points. saunders out pointed barrera easily with his stand up. i might have given barrera that round if he tried to do ANYTHING AT ALL once he got that good punch in. imho i dont think saunders was even hurt all that bad. ive been punched in the face before that i did NOT see coming. i fell hard yea but it didnt "rock" me. i got back up and fealt like nothing happend. really confused as to what happend but fine none the less. im sure plenty of people can say the same. Flash Knock Down
11/23/07 7:24:04AM
wasnt it jrock and war machine that get into a fight next episode, it looked like it with j rock flipping his hat off. this could be a good grudge match.
11/23/07 7:25:38AM
the striking in that first round was fairly even with more strikes being landed by saunders. However, the power shots were landed by barerra, and the more significant damage of that round was done in that knockdown. Saunders said it himself in the post fight that he was hurt and that blood wash gushing out of his face. Octagon control for that round would also be given to barerra. I personally think that the ref should've stood them up as soon as he realized what barerra was doing but what happened happened. And i'm not sure where you're getting off on having this high and mighty opinion and agreeing with the refs when the president of the ufc called it horrible reffing (and he rarely comments on judges), and when all the fighters and both coaches were expecting the third round. How long has hughes been around the ufc? how long has he been fighting? how long has been been a coach on TUF? when was the last time you saw him walk up to the judges and say wtf was that? This was just another example showing us that the judges are scoring these fights with a different system than the fans, fighters, and promoters of the sport do. I could be off by a mile, but looking at those judges, it didnt look like any of them had fought, trained, or managed any type of mma.. most of the time it looks like they've never played a contact sport.

I'm at the tail end of an all nighter right now so i apologize if none of this makes sense.. but the scoring system for the ufc and mma in general is bunk.
11/23/07 11:09:33AM
Hmmm...sorry guys but I haven't seen more than 3 guys that were well rounded enough in my opinion to even fight at the UFC level. I would only really be excited by Danzig, George S., and maybe Matt A. The rest of the guys still look to be a little above the amateur level, cool guys I'm sure but not the most skilled group.
11/23/07 2:50:57PM
war machine all the way
11/24/07 7:12:18AM
thats because most of the skilled fighters were found in the earlier seasons and theyre running out of decent picks. but thats how its been a bunch of the times. have the guys who are sposed to win and a couple dark horses
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