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5/15/08 8:39:03PM
The Affliction: “Banned” poster in its current form looks incomplete, but perhaps not for long.

May 19 to be be exact, which is just four days from now.

Former UFC champion Andrei Arlovski could ink a deal in this time with the new promotion and take on Ben Rothwell at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif., on July 19, according to

5/15/08 9:50:36PM
he should just have 1 or 2 fights over there, then make dana pay up the ass
5/15/08 9:57:35PM
Andrei Arlovski by crazy Belorussian beard!
5/15/08 10:04:47PM
Arlovski will sign with Affliction as soon as possible. He is not happy with Dana, and how he has been treated as of late. Being put on the undercard during his last fight, and then not showing it, upset him. He wants no part of the UFC right now, and will beat Rothwell in this fight.
5/16/08 1:15:15AM
go to, I guarentee he'll be on their website by next week
5/16/08 7:02:03AM

Posted by ohiostate1016

Andrei Arlovski by crazy Belorussian beard!

This is EXACTLY how it will happen!!!!
5/16/08 7:49:34AM
Even though I'd like to see Arlovski back in the UFC maybe he needs to get a few good fights outside the company. If this is true and Arlovski does fight at that first Affliction card. I'm definetally shelling out the money to watch that card.
5/16/08 10:01:54AM
I really hope that he does, because it would be the perfect fight to round out what is looking to be one of the best fight cards I've ever seen. On paper at least, I guess we'll see if it lives up to the hype when it goes down. I have high hopes that affliction sticks around and keeps putting out cards like this. realistically it doesn't seem like it's going to be possible, but I can hope.
5/16/08 11:27:58AM
This card and the trailer looks amazing!
If Affliction became a contender in the world of MMA promotions (we will have to wait and see),it would undoubtley take them a while to catch up to the Uber giant, UFC.However,I'm sure Dana and the brass at Zuffa aren't to fond of Afflictions first card carrying 3 of their former heavy-weight champions(3 if Arloski signs).Add on to the fact that they have the unbeaten PRIDE heavy-weight champion,who also is considered by many to be the best heavy-weight on the planet.So I could see were Dana is trying to Keep Arloski,but I think this is a case of too little too late.
5/17/08 5:43:41AM
I also have to say I think it's really smart what they're doing by focusing all of their energy on the HW division to start out, because that's really the only division that isn't clearly dominated by another organization. UFC has LHW on lockdown as well as MW for the most part (obviously welterweight since they're one of the only orgs who has this weight class), Japan has most of the lighter weight classes covered, but no one really has a deep HW talent pool. It's a good strategy to try to get out of the gate fast... establish one really deep division and then build from there.
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