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12/24/07 12:00:07AM
AA is marketable and speaks to a certain demographic...most of them are Russian but okay. ;) He's hip, he's young, he's really really I guess all the Tom Selleck fans like him too. BUT, his only real bad fights IMO were against Sylvia and in that case it was two fights he looked bad in. Name the fights Sylvia's opponents have looked good? Oh Cotoure. Is that all? yeah, Sylvia is a giant and he tends to make people look bad when he fights them. AA is still top notch and a good fighter. He has to gain more confidence by fighting some 2nd tier competition and then jump back in to fight the big boys ---Herrings, Nog, CroCop and him would be a good fight if CroCop ever gets his mojo back, Kongo, Bigfoot in EliteXC, and there is a great list of guys that he could fight. I just don't think Sylvia an dhim make a good match up, that's all.
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