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10/20/09 11:01:21AM
I don't train MMA or anything. I'm just a huge fan. I know the proper defense for the mt clinch it to stand straight up.

I was just wondering why/if someone with a good wrestling background couldn't just catch and trap his leg(when he's throwing knees), and take him down.

Seems to me, if this was to happen, they could get a takedown or at least press him up against the cage for some dirty boxing.
10/20/09 12:46:18PM
Hey there.

The problem with that is that the knee is coming straight up, so "catching" it proves to be problematic. While you can certainly block a knee and then drop a level for a takedown, or break the thai clinch and work upper body wrestling, catching a full-force knee on the way up and using the momentum with your head pinned is a bit more dicey then its worth.

Usually when you see someone catch and pick up a knee, its from a side knee, and a half hearted one at that, and doesn't take place in a thai clinch
10/20/09 5:09:38PM
If the MT clinch is being performed properly you can't just reach down and snag a leg. The hands control the back of the head while the forearms control side to side movement. Combined, they keep the hips from squaring under the shoulders by either shoving the clinchee to the side and readjusting, or by keeping the head pinned down and in their chest.

9/10 times that you see the MT clinch it is being performed improperly. There are a couple good instances I can think of in which it completely nullified the opponent, and Rich Franklin vs. Anderson Silva was one of them. When someone has you locked up with the clinch for real with great technique it's never going to be as simple as just "picking the leg". Although I do see what you mean
10/20/09 9:59:02PM

Posted by Jackelope

9/10 times that you see the MT clinch it is being performed improperly.

yeah totally. Don't get me started on that.

Some times I think they do it to throw a couple half assed knees to create the illusion of control and damage for the sake of the judges.
10/28/09 8:06:43AM
As stated before It will be very hard for someone to catch a knee (properly done) while being in the muay thai clinch (full clinch). You might be able to catch it on the way down but at that point the damage is already done and let me tell you it doesn't take a lot of knees to finish a fight.

Second you mentioned trying to press the person against the fence. If i have you in full clinch and you try to put any type of forward pressure, by that i mean try to make me go backwards, I will just side step which will cause you to either lose balance or make you go for a ride.

IF you get caught in full clinch, first thing to remember is that you DON'T WANT TO BE THERE, also remember you don't want to step forward, you want to push off your opponent in order to create space and then step back. Hopefully you don't have your back against the fence.

To get out of the clinch love to use a technique called cross-face, basically you put one of you hand on you opponent's face, put your second on top of the first one and then try to extent your arm by pushing off his face. As you push try to look up at the ceiling (in order to create the maximum space) then you can swim in to gain neutral clinch.

Hope this gives you a better idea of what it means to be stuck in full clinch.

10/30/09 9:48:51PM
haha I was just thinking and watching some tape on A Silvas clinch, it is the single worst place to be in all of mma. Who cares about having Fedor Mounting you, Up down position with Shogun in pride rules, anytime Silva gets you in the clinch, its over. Every fight he gains the Thai clinch just ends miserably. his form, his strength, power, and ability to shift his weight is just remarkable.
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