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7/8/13 2:01:26AM

Posted by bjj1605

Posted by george112

Dont take it so personal man. Your my favorite guy to debate with. i didnt mean anything by my comment. honestly

Not taking it personally at all. As you said, I've been gone for a while. It just so happens that my return to the forums coincided with a major historical event for the sport.

Any over zealousness or excessive enthusiasm is directed at the topic and not you or any other poster.

It just so happens that we are posting in the same threads and disagree on this topic.

For what its worth, I don't really think we've debated that often because I remember agreeing with you on most things. Doesn't mean we have to match up 100% (that would be boring.)

7/8/13 7:01:43PM
I don't think Silva wanted to fight in the middleweight div anymore and passed the torch. Wouldn't it be a great story line if he moved up to 205 and made a run at Jones and won. Would cement him as the best fighter (of any kind) of all time and forever. Just my 2 cents
7/8/13 8:43:20PM

Posted by JoeWarren33

For people actually gloating about Anderson losing, you are just ridiculous. He got caught showing off, and he lost. If he stopped the taunting, Anderson had Weidman exactly where he wanted him. The fight was going to be done within that round or next. I am even starting to begin to think this was fixed because Anderson is too smart to think he needed to continue that behavior. I think the whole point of that, was to throw Weidman off and he did that, as Chris wasn't throwing any takedowns anymore.

To think Weidman would win the rematch is laughable. I am with HOT and agree Anderson wins the rematch. I will also bet my avatar on it as well, that Anderson would win.

If it was "fiexed" why not tap to the sub in the first round, rather than get Ko'ed. Come on man.
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