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5/9/08 8:08:00PM
Eddie Alvarez (Pictures)'s gutsy victory in the inaugural Dream lightweight grand prix left an indelible impression on fight fans around the world. But ask the kid from Philly if it was a breakthrough performance and he'll curtly reply, "No. Not really."

It's neither hubris nor modesty that motivates this response; rather, it's quiet confidence in his abilities.

"Going into the tournament, I had to convince myself that I was among the top and elite lightweights in the world, and I'm already past that point. I'm above and beyond that point," Alvarez said. "I know I belong in the tournament. Not only do I belong, but I want to prove to people that I'm the best in this tournament."

He proved his point all right -- by bludgeoning Andre "Dida" Amade, a tough striker from Chute Boxe who had made it to the finals of the K-1 Hero's lightweight tournament last year.

5/10/08 12:03:59PM
It's great that Eddie is getting some props in Japan,he deserves it for that fight.It was the best on the card imo.Hopefully that was just the beginning and he puts beats the hell out of hellboy tonite.Can't wait!
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