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10/13/07 9:25:15PM

Karo vs. Ryo Chonan

Thiago Alves vs. Lytle

I think Karo and Thiago will be victorius.
10/13/07 9:57:42PM
Karo/Chonnan will be beastly!!!! I really think this could go all the way! They have equal submissions I think. And Chonnan might have the stand up edge IMO even though Karo might show us he does during the fight becuase his hans get better everytime. I think this will be a war! I also think Karo will finish his first fight in a LONG time! I think he will TKO Chonnan after a sick throw.

Thiago has an easier match. This will be a slugfest! But those vicious kicks will win it for Thiago because he will open up Lyte's guard and KO him or stop him...

I'm disappointed we won't get to see a Judo throw fest but this still looks great
10/13/07 10:41:13PM
Chonnan and Thiago will be victorious although i would like to see Ryo in the MW division so a possible rematch with Anderson Silva can happen
10/14/07 1:23:43AM
kario and thiago, karo's fight will be a good one, thiago shouldnt have too much trouble with lytle.
10/14/07 6:26:13AM
Thiago is going to pick Lytle's legs apart and sprawl on any take down.
10/14/07 2:54:33PM
I think this will be a hard TKO for Thiago, but I think he will get it. As for Karo...I always bet on that guy, he's just awesome to watch!