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9/7/10 6:20:39PM
Although the reasons for his pulling out are not yet known, officials confirmed today that Alex Karalexis is now off WEC 51. He was to have faced debuting fighter Zhang Tie Quan. Jason Reinhardt, who has been inactive since January 2008, is the replacement. He has fought just twice since a one-fight stint in UFC.

9/7/10 7:25:26PM
Nevermind....they must have typo'ed his name. link
9/7/10 9:14:31PM
lauzon made a joke of reinhardt. hopefully hes not as bad as he looked then
9/7/10 9:43:00PM
Worst pick I've ever made.
9/7/10 10:58:28PM
Joezon schooled him just like he did to Reudi.

It seems like Karalexis is injured a lot or maybe its just me.
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