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10/16/10 8:12:32AM
Fans hoping to see Jon Jones fight Ryan Bader at UFC 126 were disappointed when Dana White said at a Fan Expo question-and-answer session Friday that the fight might not happen after all. "I don't know if Jones is going to fight Bader," White said. "We tried to put that fight together, but Bader has some stuff going on. Jon Jones might be fighting somebody else, I don't know how that's going to go." But Jones' agent says he had already been sent a bout agreement for the Feb. 5 fight and had even talked about the fight to UFC officials as recently as Friday in London, and that Jones will sign the paperwork soon. UFC officials even confirmed this statement saying that the fight is still scheduled for the Super Bowl weekend show. The original plan was to have Jones-Bader at UFC 125 on Jan. 1, but Bader asked to have the fight pushed back due to it being scheduled too close to his upcoming wedding.

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