UFC or Affliction?

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7/9/08 4:26:09AM
So... Whats the count here? Who is watching what on the 19th? I am so torn.
I dont think I can miss Fedor, Babalu, Vitor, Lindland, and Buenatello. Although I really want to see Irvin take Anderson..
7/9/08 4:37:23AM
I'm ordering Affliction, but I have a 2 TVs with built in VCRs and a ton of blank tapes so I'm watching the PPV in my living room and my bro will be upstairs watching and recording UFN 14.
7/9/08 6:48:01AM
Since I can't get PPVs where I live, UFC.
7/9/08 8:29:41AM

Posted by DCRage

Since I can't get PPVs where I live, UFC.

7/9/08 9:04:36AM
UFC...I'll watch the Affliction fights once they're uploaded to the Playground.

7/9/08 10:07:21AM

Posted by emfleek

UFC...I'll watch the Affliction fights once they're uploaded to the Playground.

Same here.
Maybe if the PPV was like $25 or $30, I would consider watching Affliction and DVRing the UFC.
However, I am sure the PPV will be $40 or more.
7/9/08 10:13:44AM
I think it's $39.95 but they're doing a closed-circuit in Vegas next to where UFC is that'll be $20 or $30.
7/9/08 11:05:06AM
My friend and I are having a marathon!! Watching Affliction as it happens and immediately following that up with the UFC that we taped.

Does anyone think Affliction is going to be "hurt" by the UFC that same night (not get as many PPVs as they would have)? I know the die-hard fans will be watching both... but A LOT of casual fans will probably just stick to what is free since it's there. I was talking with my bud... and we're pretty sure this is going to hurt Affliction, which is too bad because this is an awesome card! I'll be interested in seeing the numbers!

All I know is I'm excited as hell for July 19th!!!!!
7/9/08 1:36:41PM
tivo is the greatest watch affliction live shortly followed by ufc.
7/9/08 5:10:11PM

Posted by emfleek

UFC...I'll watch the Affliction fights once they're uploaded to the Playground.

Exactally what I was thinking. Man we think alot alike emfleek. Must be because were both from Indiana.
7/9/08 5:12:02PM
I'll watch the UFC because I can't get PPV at home and I can't go out.

However, I would rather watch Affliction though.
7/9/08 9:02:15PM
Watching Afflicition, DVRing UFC or the other way around
7/9/08 9:17:15PM
Can't get ppv either, but I may have stuck with UFC anyway, the Affliction ppv price should have been lower if they wanted casual fans, or fans who are on the fence to tune in. I'll still find a way to see it though.
7/12/08 1:28:53PM
I would order PPV if they were like $10...

I just can't justify dropping $40-$50 on any product that I can't shine, polish, and throw in my closet when I'm done using it.
7/14/08 9:49:24PM
It's a huge event (Affliction) from a compant just starting out and they're giving MMA fans what they've been asking for, so I have to support that. I'll Tivo the UFC and watch top fighters wipe out a bunch of cans.

Unless yu really have no other way to watch this show, I think it's a real shame if people search out ways to watch this for free, and it's detrimental to MMA in general.
7/15/08 12:36:30AM
Normally I would order Afflictions.. but my wife just started a new job and we are straight broke. IM going to DVR UFC (so they dont get as many ratings trying to smash out everyone else creating a monopoly.) Then I will download Affliction in the morning and watch them both for breakfast. Im actually not even that interested in the UFC card tho.. the biggest draw is AS, which is only gonna last 30 seconds anyway.

I think the Affliction event will be hurt by UFN, but not enough to make it significant.. most casual mma fans I know havent even heard of affliction, or the main draw Fedor.. The only reason they might buy the event if they new about it is because of AA and Tim Sylvia.
7/15/08 1:16:47AM
Neither because I'm on a f*cking plane during both of them
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