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3/20/09 11:50:03AM
I am fairly new to training and im in the process of cutting weight because there is a string of grappling tournaments coming up. My question is how much of a weight difference is there between what someone will walk around at and what someone will compete at? for example I walk around at like 155 but will be competing in the 140 to 150 division but i feel like people will be a lot bigger than me
3/20/09 2:52:55PM
You gotta understand that in a lot of cases (assuming this isn't pure wrestling) skill is the big decider and not weight difference. A good rule when it comes to same day weigh in would be 5-8 pounds for your size. If someone youre competing against massively outweights you no worries cuz they'll be dead in a period. Make up for any kind of disadvantage with superior cardio.

If you have the option to weigh in the night before then I would cut no more than 10. Some guys cut 15 pounds and that's really unhealthy. Making dramatic cuts might even work for you but because of the stamina cut that comes with it and the possible (likely) long term damage I wouldn't recomend it. Examples being Jones cutting from HW to LHW and killing his prime, same with Tarver, those are the best examples off the top of my head.

Like I said, pure wrestling is a different matter, you might tend to want to cut more for that because size matters there. But not good for longevity. weight (MMA)

This is the best I could get. More MMA, but no one has the balls to put out a real guide for the wrestling/ same day weight cutting.

3/20/09 5:14:52PM
thanks man
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