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7/4/10 4:24:03AM
LAS VEGAS – While the UFC on Saturday night awarded $75,000 "Fight Night" bonuses to six different fighters, UFC president Dana White said there's more money on the way.

This could be especially good news for fighters like welterweight Chris Lytle, who fell short on the evening's "Submission of the Night" money when heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar shocked the world with an arm-triangle choke victory.

Some MMA fans felt Lesnar's massive payday was reward enough, but White believes guaranteed money can't play a role in who gets the night's bonuses. Besides, after what the UFC boss called the "greatest night of fights" he's ever seen, more money is on the way.

"Whoever deserves the check deserves the check," White told ( "If anybody disagrees that Brock Lesnar was the 'Submission of the Night,' please speak now; you're out of your mind.

"Nobody expected him to win by submission."

Of course, no one really expected Lytle to win by straight armbar while simultaneously holding an inverted triangle choke position from the mount, either.

Chris Leben's third-round submission win over Yoshihiro Akiyama and Stephan Bonnar's frenzied TKO of Krzysztof Soszynski were each rightfully awarded the evening's dual "Fight of the Night" bonuses.

Then again, it seems a shame that Ricardo Romero and Seth Petrzuelli would walk away empty-handed after their back-and-forth two-round battle.

White said not to worry. Those who put it all on the line would not be walking home unhappy.

"What I expect of these guys is I expect these guys to go out and perform," White said. "Let me tell you this, and I mean it, we're writing some [expletive] checks tonight. We're writing checks – more than what you heard here tonight. Guys are going to get well taken care of tonight.

7/4/10 4:44:22AM
Awesome, dana. Just awesome.
7/4/10 7:06:13AM
I agree, I hope Lytle gets a cheque
7/4/10 9:39:10AM
The way Leben hinted in his interview I think him and Wanderlei will be the next coaches of TUF, that's a nice bonus check for winning. May be total off.
7/4/10 10:36:57AM
Serious props to Dana
7/4/10 11:42:05AM
it was a great night out fights. A lot of back and forth. Glad to see the fighters being compensated
7/4/10 1:10:14PM
I wish there was a way for fans for vote on the bonuses after the fights.

I would have voted Lytle or Romero over lesnar's sub, just because no one thought of lesnar winning by submission doesnt mean it was the best submission on the card.
7/4/10 1:44:01PM
Great!!! Those guys have definately earned a bonus IMO....the whole night was exciting and dramatic as Hell!! Lytle easily had a cooler and slicker submission than Brock though. Seriously cool transmission into a complex sub...Brock muscled his way through a basic choke whil his opponent didn't do anything to defend really....but who cares they are getting extra loot regardless so still good work guys and cool beans to Dana W.
7/4/10 8:00:51PM
great night of fights, I don't think anyone expected such an exiting card. MMA is like a box of chocolates.
7/5/10 5:25:18AM
Would love to see Leben as a coach in the new TUF.

By the way, THIS EVENT WAS E-P-I-C
That's what UFC is all about. I hope Dana really compensates all the fighters.
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