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10/20/07 10:49:10AM
2:59. That's how much time Rich Franklin has been dwelling on since losing his UFC MW Title to Anderson Silva just over a year ago. Tonight Franklin looks to complete his comeback in a rematch against the man who took his title and spot at the top of the UFC MW division away from him.

10/20/07 2:30:44PM
10/20/07 5:02:18PM
Perhaps the former champion has revenge in mind, but you are forgetting that Silva is on a whole other level of striking compared to Franklin. If this stays on its feet (which I think it will) Franklin is outclassed.
10/20/07 6:02:33PM
new champ tonight imo
10/20/07 8:59:40PM
My head says Silva wins again, but I definitely want Franklin to pull off the upset.
10/21/07 12:55:51AM
Well my head says Silva wins tonight... my eyes certainly said the same lol since he killed I been sayin for a while R.I.P. Franklin
10/21/07 8:38:22AM
I was kinda sad to see Franklin lose to Silva in his hometown but I was kinda expecting it.
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