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6/23/12 7:25:53PM
hi i am watching ufc 147 and cant access my fight companion im assuming because its a combo card. any one else having this problem??
6/23/12 7:36:14PM
Yeah I'm having the same problem, can't remember who I picked as well
6/23/12 7:44:07PM
There's a little trick you can use.

1. Find out what place you're in point wise so far this season.
2. Once you know what place you're in click the fantasy tab.
3. From there click point leaders.
4. Find your username on the leaderboard.
6. Once you find your username click the scroll down menu and click UFC on FX 4/UFC 147 combo card.
7. Your picks will be found on that page
6/23/12 8:10:30PM
You should also be able to view your picks on your profile. There should be a drop down menu where you can pick the season and event and see how you did.
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