Abu Dhabi Warriors 2 Derrick Mehman replaces Alexei Kudin

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3/28/15 5:44:44PM
Abu Dhabi Warriors 2

Brett Rogers (17-9) vs(18-6) Derrick Mehmen
Main Event | Heavyweight | 265 lbs (120 kg)

Mike Kyle (20-12) vs (27-15) Baga Agaev
Co-Main Event | Heavyweight | 265 lbs (120 kg)

Svetoslav Savov (14-5) vs(24-19) Ryuta Sakurai
Main Card| Middleweight | 185 lbs (84 kg)

Waylon Lowe (14-6)vs(11-2) Mateusz Teodorczuk
Main Card | Lightweight | 155 lbs (70 kg)

Rodrigo Ribeiro (9-11) vs(26-9) Jim Wallhead
Main Card | Welterweight | 170 lbs (77 kg)

Pavel Doroftei (14-2)vs(29-20) Xavier Foupa-Pokam
Main Card | Middleweight | 185 lbs (84 kg)

Vaso Bakocevic (17-8 )vs(17-5) Tamirlan Dadaev
Main Card | Lightweight | 155 lbs (70 kg)

Max Nunes (14-2)vs(18-7) Alexander Dolotenko
Main Card | Middleweight | 185 lbs (84 kg)

Jesse Ronson (14-5)vs(20-7) Gadji Zaipulaev
Main Card | Lightweight | 155 lbs (70 kg)

Ye Yuan (0-1) vs (2-3) Jae Nam Yoo

Really good card these guys are obviously serious about putting on quality cards

:) hope most of these get on best of the rest.....
3/29/15 6:02:05PM

Derrick Mehem def. Brett Rogers by Unanimous Decision

Mike Kyle def. Baga Agaer by Guillotine – 1:55 Rd 1

Svetlozar Savov def. Ryuta Sakurai by Guillotine - 4:20 Rd 1

Waylon Lowe def. Mateusz Teodorczuk by Unanimous Decision

Xavier Foupa-Pokan def. Pavel Doroftei by Verbal Tap Out – 2:48 Rd 2

Jesse Ronson def. Gadji Zaipulaev by Standing Darce – 3:24 Rd 2

Jimmy Wallhead def. Rodrigo Ribeiro by KO – 3:10 Rd 1

Vaso Bakocevic def. David Matosevich by TKO from GnP – 4:04 Rd 1

Max Nunes def. Rene Wollinger by TKO – 4:10 Rd 3

Yuan Ye def. Jae Nam Yoo by Unanimous Decision

Just watched this.......GREAT night of fights wow....
3/29/15 7:40:24PM
We really wanted to include this in the Best of the Rest, unfortunately it happened mid-week and we didn't want the event to lock so early on people.

Hopefullly they run their future events on weekends so we can include them more often.
3/29/15 7:51:40PM
Ahhhhhh, I thought I had picked more fights, it's all slowly coming back to me now.

I'm sure I would've badged if they'd been included so we can compromise with an `almost won event` badge.

Looking forward to ADW's next card.
3/29/15 9:20:48PM
Yeah Flashy, Budge and myself had talked about adding this event to the combo.

Like Flashy mentioned it was early in the week. That doesn't necessarily mean we don't have fights that are on Thursdays.

Recently we had a WSOF, off the top of my head it was the Marlon Moraes vs Josh Hill event. Also we've had Tachi Palace events which are always Thursday events.

In hind site, referring to the Hamill late pull out that none of us seen coming, that killed 3 fights alone just from WSOF event. There was 2 that were cancelled from BAMMA as well. Had Hamill not pulled out last minute we would've only lost 2 fights from the combo that would've left us at 15 fights. Its pretty common for a couple of fights from L2 to get cancelled but 5? I don't think we'll see that again. That was all Hamill's fault. Good thing is the other guys on that WSOF card all did a great job with keeping their actual card in tact. Hard to believe everyone was willing to change opponents on that late of notice. Props to those fighters.