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1/26/08 3:20:51PM
Should BJ Penn be the favorite over Sean Sherk? Will Tito Ortiz's next UFC fight be his last in the organization? Does Fabricio Werdum really deserve the next HW title shot? Should Mike Swick and Josh Burkman have been a draw? All of this and more in the latest edition of 411 MMA Fact or Fiction.

1/26/08 3:58:16PM
Penn should be the favorite in a match against Sherk. (Slightly)

AA's fight with O'Brian will probably be and should be an undercard fight.

Werdum should get the next HW title shot.

Tito's fight with Machida will be his last in the UFC IF he losses.

Cote will probably get a title shot after the winner of Tanner/Okami.

Swick beat Burkman. (Just as slightly as BJ should be a favorite)
1/26/08 5:33:02PM
It's a dangerous time to be fighting Penn..
1/27/08 7:44:02PM
Yes Penn should be the favorite. BJ should be the favorite over anyone at 155, Gomi included. I think he finishes Sherk fairly early. It's going to be a standup fight and I dont think Sherk can trade with BJ without getting tagged. He will get sick of taking shots BJ will sprawl n brawl the whole fight.

I hope Tito's next fight isn't his last. Say what you will about the guy but he's a elite 205. His style might not be the most exciting but he still wins fights. Machida will have his hands full and I honestly think Ortiz will win that fight. Yah he's one dimensional but his wrestling and strength will be a big problem for some guys.

No, Werdum does not deserve the next shot. He looked good against Gonzaga but not #1 Contender good. **** the politics, if Nog wins throw CC at him. They should give Werdum Kongo before he gets a shot.

No, Swick won the fight. I gave Swick points for his takedown defense Burkman was wasting his time and making himself look bad. His standup was slightly better then Swick's but I think those takedown attempts mad ehim look dumb.
1/27/08 7:53:20PM
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