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3/26/16 8:37:13PM
UFC 198 is silly stacked.

Werdum vs Miocic for HW title
Jacare vs Belfort
Maia vs Brown
A Silva vs Hall
Shogun vs C Anderson
Cummins vs Lil Nog
Lineker vs Font
W Alves vs Barberena
Santos vs Marquardt
Usman vs Moraes
Medeiros vs Trinaldo
Renato Carneiro vs Tukhugov

we obviously dont know what fights will be on UFC 200 just yet, so I ask you this....

Knowing what fights have already been made for this card and others, what fighters and possible fights would you personally want/need to see for you to think UFC 200 is bigger/better than 198?
3/26/16 9:27:55PM
Holy fuck I can't wait for these cards! UFC 198 is insane! 199 & 200 are gonna melt my brain! Woooooooooooo
3/26/16 10:51:40PM
I have to keep faith for a couple...
I really want to see Miesha defend her title be for rematching Ronda, so Ronda vs Holly / Cyborg? Cat vs Meisha?
I want Weidman and Edgar to be a part of the card, but Weidman is tied up so Edgar vs Connor for the title or Max for the interim if they are doing Diaz vs Connor 2.
I'd love to see Robbie Lawler vs Rory 2 but since Rory has a match I'd say make the rematch with Condit.
Joanna vs Claudia could be a good one too, but I think it is scheduled already.
If they both win their next fights I'd lie to see Werdum vs Rothwell, Mir vs Barnett would be a good HW old man's fight too.
There also ( besides title fights ) just needs to be some barn burners; guys Iike Neil Magny, TJ Dillashaw, and Michael McDonald who drop non stop action no matter who they go up against. How about Todd Duffee, Thiago Alves and Michael Bisping...they put on good fights.
Of course a dream would be the return of GSP or his official retirement and introduction into the UFC Hall of Fame.
3/27/16 12:13:37AM
aside from the usual suspects, id love to see zingano and nunes on the card. caraway/sterling was another one i considered a while back. bisping, calderwood, northcutt, bahardurzada and pvz i think would be some fun options for the card as well. even if calderwood, northcutt and pvz arent your favorites, you cant deny theres always a curiosity factor towards how theyre going to perform each time they go out there

i think nate/conor is a given. and id be pretty shocked if dillashaw and tate werent on it as well.

also seen rumors of diego vs joe lauzon which would be a good fight this type of card.
3/27/16 4:21:36AM
This Edgar for an interm title is bananas to me
3/27/16 9:10:04AM

Posted by sparky

This Edgar for an interm title is bananas to me

why though?

conor got an interim belt for beating mendes and edgar just beat him.

conor got an interim shot after winning 5 in a row in the ufc. edgar has won 5 in a row in the ufc

conor got an interim shot when the belt had last been defended only 8 or 9 months before. if edgar fought for interim in july it would be around 7 months.

whats so bananas about it?
3/27/16 10:46:24AM
Ronda, Conor, GSP, Jon Jones and Robbie Lawler all on the same card would be pretty goddamn epic.
3/27/16 1:46:45PM
McGregor vs diaz
Holm vs tate

Velasquez vs browne
Mousasi vs brunson
Sanchez vs lauzon.

Rumored on the card.

Still hoping for Lawler on this.
3/27/16 1:55:06PM

Posted by sparky

This Edgar for an interm title is bananas to me

Come on Sparky.

The McGregor love is clouding your vision. I didn't see any complaining from you when McGregor got an interim title shot. And Aldo was an injury, not because he wanted to take part in a rematch that's in a different weight class...