187 AV Bet

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5/22/15 1:08:41AM
Rumble > Cormier
Weidman > Belfort
Covington > Pyle
Scoggins > Sampo

PM Me with requests if no one bites, I'll add a few more tom, but there aren't too many pick em fights on this card.
5/22/15 8:56:27PM
At the risk of sounding dumb, could you please explain the terms for an AV bet. I have never participated in one.

Actually, the only time I ever lost at anything, I disintegrated the "winner".

Edit: Got it now.

Your are permitted 1 avatar bet per event. The bet loser gives up avatar control of his or her avatar to the winner until the next event lockout is reached. Winners must follow the forum code of conduct guidelines when setting an avatar. Avatar controls for bet winners are on this same page that the avatar bets are set up on.You may only have 1 avatar bet per current event. All accepted bets are final.