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7/9/13 4:21:58PM
Hey guys, it's been an extremely long time since I've posted on this site, but I'm back asking how you guys are feeling about 165 in Toronto. Being from Buffalo, I always want to go to any event thats close enough since its not legalized in NY yet. I want to buy tickets when they go on sale on Thursday, but idk how I feel about the card so far. It feels like you have the 2 title fights ( which is probably worth the money alone) and then a bunch of should-be undercard fights with almost all of the other fighters coming off losses. Any rumors on any other big fights, or is what I'm seeing probably going to end up being the main card?
7/9/13 4:31:13PM
Just keep your eye on the event. There's still 5-6 more fights to be announced and those they announced already (except the title fights) look like undercard bouts.
7/9/13 4:36:48PM
That's what I was thinking as well, but with the tickets going on sale Thursday, I wish I knew what to expect for the rest of the card before dropping the money for it. I'll probably end up buying them anyways, since two title fights is going to be hard to pass up regarless of the rest of the card.
7/9/13 5:39:26PM
This is like the third time Toronto has had double title events. Pay the money and go.

If the card was shit I would love to go to another double title event. It's been years
7/9/13 8:39:39PM
I'd go even if it was a shitty card ufc events are the best. Hell MMA events in general are fun
7/10/13 2:14:31PM

Posted by SpiderSilva

I'd go even if it was a shitty card ufc events are the best. Hell MMA events in general are fun

Very true. I think last ten so ufc events I been too

Only Ufc 155 and 145 i don't really enjoy the card.
The last four have been good. I'm over due for a shit card soon

Curious who else lands on Houston card.

Andrew Graig and charles Oliveira live or train. There.
Kennnedy is from Texas.

Could see Graig vs tim Kennedy