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3/13/11 9:14:27PM
Huge week with the strikeforce news
That subject has been sucked the life out already

Great fights on the versus 3.
I did have diego winning round 2and 3.
Anyways looking forward to this card

The arrival of the california kid!!
One of the coolest fighters I have met!!

Fight of the night.

Gonna go with urijah faber vs eddie wineland

Sub of the night

Will go with joseph beninvides. With his trademark guillotine choke

Ko of night

Gonna go with luis cane knocking out marshall and putting the fire out


Gotta go with shogun. Don't know who I am picking yet
But shogun is the underdog. And I do hope he wins.

Snoozefest of the night

For some reason I think marquadt vs miller will be it
3/13/11 9:22:57PM
fotn Jones and Shogun

Kotn Jones or Shogun

Sotn Faber choking out wineland

uotn Cro Cop beating Schaub

Snoozefest Miller and Marquardt

3/13/11 9:25:37PM
KOTN: I like Shogun or Schaub
FOTN: Faber/Wineland or Barboza/Njokuani
SOTN: Actually have a lot of subs, Jim Miller or Benavidez

Upsets: Shogun, if that is considered one.
3/13/11 9:35:49PM
FOTN: Benavidez vs. Loveland
KOTN: Shogun
SOTN: Faber
3/13/11 11:51:33PM
KOTN- Barboza
SOTN- Bones Jones
FOTN-Koch vs Assuncao
3/14/11 7:39:46AM
Shogun will break Jones Knee... SOTN

Cro Cop will land the infamous Head Kick on Brendan.. KOTN

3/14/11 4:34:55PM
Fight Of The Night:

Jim Miller vs. Kamal Shalorus

Knockout Of The Night:

Edson Barboza

Submission Of The Night:

Joseph Benavidez

Upset Of The Night:

Shogun over Jones (If you actually consider that an upset)
3/14/11 7:53:03PM
SOTN-Miller (the good one)
FOTN-Pellegrino vs Tibau
Upset- Pyle (not much of an upset, but the only one I picked)
Snoozefest-Catone vs Phillipou
3/15/11 10:14:29PM
KOTN Barboza
SOTN I have 3 1st Rd subs, Ill Pick Faber
FOTN Barboza v Njokuani
UOTN Marshall is a slight underdog on this site and I have picked him to win.
Cant pick a snooze of the night, but the fights Im not to fussed about are:
Marshall v Cane and Phillppou v Catone.
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