UFC 125 fighter Dong Hyun Kim's lone goal is shot at champ GSP

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1/1/11 4:08:49PM
LAS VEGAS – As far as UFC welterweight contenders go, Dong Hyun Kim rarely factors into title talk.

And though the South Korean fighter's popularity slowly is growing back home, he hasn't registered much of a following here in the U.S.

But as the undefeated fighter readies for tonight's UFC 125 main-card bout with Nate Diaz (13-5 MMA, 8-3 UFC), Kim (13-0-1 MMA, 4-0 UFC) isn't worried so much about that second problem as he is the first. After all, he's got one goal one goal only: a shot at Georges St-Pierre's welterweight title.

1/2/11 3:02:06AM
I don't know about calling out GSP.....solid win by Stun Gun nonetheless.
1/2/11 9:34:29AM
yeah very solid win for kim but i mean you could clearly see the guy was completely dead after the 3rd round, nothing more to give out. Imagine him going 5 round with GSP...I think not
1/2/11 2:49:10PM
The stun gun became a limp gun in the 3rd round. He has no cardio to go 5 rounds with GSP.
1/4/11 1:17:31PM
Anyone else notice how bad he was faking when Diaz hit him with the barely illegal knee? I thought it was weird since Kim was clearly winning.