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10/10/10 1:27:53PM
any ufc that is for free is a good thing
good card compared to others, now if i can just stay offline and off damm espn
all day so i dont get spoilers

fight of the night

i am so looking forward to condit vs hardy
compared to the rest of the fights annouced for the end of the year this one is in my top 3 to watch
and i think should have taken main event billing instead of co main event
condit will try to sub hardy something even gsp couldnt do, and honestly given how condit has been rocked and was losing at one point of each ufc match he has had, if it gets to that point with hardy i think hardy will put him away

knock out of the night

i will go with the snake diabatte knocking out alexander
good thing is i do think their will be more knock outs on this card than last couple ufc cards combined

sub of night

i will go with paul sass showing off his special skillz for the ufc brass and up close to mark holst .

upset of night

there always seems to be one
i would go with big travis browne or even mike pyle catching the hitman in a sub
10/10/10 2:29:11PM
FOTN - Cantwell vs nedkov or hardy vs condit
KO- diabate
SUB- claude patrick
10/10/10 2:53:08PM
FOTN: Hathaway & Pyle
SOTN: Condit
KOTN: Kongo or McSweeney

Looks like I have picked a lot of decisions, idk
10/10/10 2:56:44PM

FOTN: Everyones expecting fireworks off Bisping Akiyama, to be honest i think this ones going to be one sloppy fight, so im calling like you

Hathaway Pyle could however be very entertaining!


PAUL SASS, no doubt in my mind personally


Yeah i agree The Snake, he looks on form at the moment but honestly
I'm expecting ROB BROUGHTON to bring the heat


TRAVIS BROWNE maybe or James McSweeney
10/10/10 3:06:52PM
FOTN: Gotta agree with Hardy vs. Condit
SOTN: The only sub I have is Sass
KOTN: My boy Kongo or maybe Kappke over Broughton
10/10/10 10:42:30PM
FOTN: Hathaway vs Pyle

SOTN: Pyle or Sass

KOTN: Diabate
10/11/10 12:33:20PM
Its funny how out of all the fighters
We all have the snake for ko of the night

Tough pick of the card for me just may be the

Claude patrick vs wilks fight
Still mulling it over but leaning toward patrick
10/11/10 1:11:53PM
KOTN: Maldonado
SOTN: Holst
FOTN: Hardy/Condit
10/11/10 3:23:35PM
fotn: Condit/Hardy
sotn: Sass
kotn: Kongo
10/12/10 10:36:36AM
FOTN: Hardy vs Condit

SOTN: Patrick (maybe Sass)

KOTN: Hathaway
10/12/10 10:50:03AM
FOTN: Hardy/Condit
SOTN: Hathaway over Pyle
KOTN: Diabate over Gustaffson
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