ufc 119, 120 main events??

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6/16/10 10:47:21AM
curious to see what the main events will be

suprised no word yet on 119
yet i heard a rumor it may be griffin vs machida

griffin stated he wouldnt wanna fight over seas, franklin is out

has to be griffin vs machida or even jackson
co main event may be a big nog match up who knows maybe mir or even kongo

for ufc 120 i still believe that it will be one of the better ones, dana still needs to make it up to us fans for ufc 112 card

i do think hardy will face kammpman
bisping will fight wont be wandy rematch could easily be cote or winner of grove vs reljic

for main event with shogun out, and light and middle weight defending in aug
gsp on tuf no way it will be heavy either
so title fight is out, if i were to make a guess right now

it would be rampage jackson vs lil nog
but then again i could be wrong,

if dana really wants to make a great card we would see a big nog vs crocop rematch that is if crocop does not retire and indeed resign with ufc

i will be very interested in the next few weeks how this pans out
6/16/10 1:09:22PM
one of those should be GSP vs Koscheck for the strap, but there filming a "realyity tv show" how nice
6/16/10 7:33:24PM
UFC 119

Main Event: Shogun Vs Rashad
Co Main Event: Machida Vs Forrest
Jeremy Stephens Vs Melvin Guilard
Ryan Bader Vs Jason Brilz
(Matt Serra Vs Paulo Thiago?)

i honestly doubt that the injury lay off will effect anything, and it sounds about right for forrest too return to action.


Main Event: Rampage Vs Lil Nog
Co Main Event: Big Nog Vs Chiek Kongo
Hardy Vs Kampmann
Bisping Vs Cote
Ross Pearson Vs Loser of Gomi Stevenson
(Brandon Vera? Maybe against winner of Hamill Vs Jardine?)

In brackets are unlikes but i wouldnt mind seeing. Im just stabbing in the dark here
6/16/10 7:37:07PM
Yeah, I've been thinking Lyoto Machida vs. Rampage Jackson would be the 119 Main Event. I would also like to see Frank Mir fight in one of those. But I'm not sure they have a opponent for him right now. Dan Hardy vs. Martin Kampmann WILL be at 120 for sure. Then you'll probably have Michael Bisping against someone at 120 also. The Main Event at 120 is tough, it will probably be on of the LHW's that get left out of 119 so either Machida/Griffin/Jackson. So my best guess is us seeing the fight that was supposed to happen Griffin vs. Lil Nog.
6/16/10 8:01:20PM
I want to see Forrest vs. Rampage 2
6/16/10 8:18:07PM

Posted by chickmagnet

I want to see Forrest vs. Rampage 2

6/16/10 11:39:55PM
I like the Bader vs Brilz matchup, I was curious who they should match Bader with and Brilz showed he can hang (and win) in that Nogueira fight. Although I would like to see it, I don't think the LHW Title fight will happen as soon as 119 (and it won't be in London, so 121 at best). Lil' Nog vs Forrest should happen at one of the two since it didn't at 114 (same card as a Big Nog fight would be decent). And depending on whether or not Wanderlai gets beat up at 116, I see the Bisping fight happening at 120, since Bisping's been asking for it.
6/17/10 9:06:57AM
Shogun is having surgery again he is out till at least dec
Griffin already stated he will not fight overseas
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