ufc 105 main event??

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9/10/09 10:25:17PM
looks like the ufc is trying to put together a dan henderson vs nate marquadt main event

9/10/09 10:40:57PM
do you have a link for this? I hope your right, because that fight absolutely needs to happen. Where did you hear this news?

I heard it was Hendo/Lil Nog but it fell through, and rumors of Matt Hughes/Mike Swick have picked up a bit.

But I'd rather see Hendo/Marquart than either of those.

Please share the link and the knowledge
9/10/09 10:41:15PM
Source? I've heard Hendo vs. Lil' Nog or Swick vs. Hughes.
9/10/09 11:22:20PM
I would love to see Hughes/Swick but not as a main event. Hendo/Marquardt would be an awesome main.
9/10/09 11:42:41PM
I saw it on Bloodyelbow.com but they were quoting MMAfanhouse. The UFC needs to get Dan signed to a contract first though.
9/11/09 9:11:48AM
source is run kalib run

i do agree though they need to sign dan, either way dan will be in main event against someone but if they are running out of time for the fighters to train they could go with option 2 swick vs hughes

i don't see why lil nog couldn't fight a jardine or thiago silva in main event
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