UFC 105 fighter bonuses: Bisping, Kang, Siver and Etim each earn $40K

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11/15/09 2:35:05AM

MANCHESTER, England – Main card fighters Michael Bisping and opponent Denis Kang and preliminary-card fighters Dennis Siver and Terry Etim each earned $40,000 fight night bonuses at UFC 105.

The event took place in front of a soldout crowd of 16,693 at the MEN Arena in Manchester, England. The event aired live in the U.K. on ESPN and via delay on Spike TV in the U.S.

Bisping and Kang each earned a "Fight of the Night" bonus, Siver got the "Knockout of the Night" award, and Etim picked up the "Submission of the Night" bonus check.
11/15/09 7:17:43AM
I thought Hardy/Swick would get FOTN for sure.

Anyone know where i can see Siver's finish ?
11/15/09 12:27:14PM
I figured that FOTN would go to Swick and Hardy. It was a much better fight IMO
11/15/09 12:31:37PM
I can't believe they gave FOTN to Bisping and Kang.
11/15/09 2:54:29PM
Things always seem to go Bisbing's way overseas. Hardy and Swick no question.
11/15/09 2:58:22PM
yeah like most people have been saying im having trouble understanding the choice of Bisping Kang over Swick Hardy for FOTN
11/15/09 2:58:34PM

Posted by MMAcca

I thought Hardy/Swick would get FOTN for sure.

Anyone know where i can see Siver's finish ?

I'd like to see it too. It must be huge if it beat out the Andre Winner KO.
11/15/09 3:06:38PM
Siver didn't KO Kelly, he got a TKO after Kelly just collapsed because of broken ribs. Winner should have gotten KOTN.
11/15/09 4:03:37PM
Spinning back kick. Can't find a video yet.
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11/15/09 5:01:52PM
I havent seen all of the fights yet but I didnt think Hardy vs Swick was that great of a fight. It had moments of pure excitement but a lot of the fight was a non active clinch match. I thought Brown vs Wilks was better then hardy/swick.

The reason i think kang/bisping won fotn was the turn-around that happened.

Does anyone have a know where I can see the rest of the Prelims/Undercard?
11/15/09 10:22:09PM
wilks and brown definetely deserved fotn imo. Silvers ko must have been amazing cuz i thought for sur gustafsen(mispelled) or winner would get it both were amazing.
Does dennis silver remind anyone else of brock larson. a guy that has tons of sub wins and is so powerful that for the first rd and a half they are extremely dangerous but after that there exaughsted from cuttin so much
11/15/09 11:50:50PM
yeah, Kang/Bisping deserved FOTN more than Swick/Hardy for sure.

FOTN is supposed to be for an exciting, closely contested or back-and-forth match. Hardy beat Swick pretty convincingly, and like someone else said, a lot of the fight was spent clinched against the cage with little action.

I'd say that Wilks/Brown deserved it the most though. Really fast paced, back and forth fight, both guys were constantly putting the other guy in danger, landing shots, throwing on subs, and surviving in some pretty tight situations. Kang/Bisping was probably the second most deserving, each guy dominated a round, and Bisping made a big comeback from being basically knocked out in the first.

I really think in a situation like this, they should be giving the bonuses to the lesser known (and paid) fighters to help them out.
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