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9/10/09 12:00:34PM
looks like card is now full with just lil nog match and maybe one more to be added

with taylor vs hathaway
riddle vs nick
and jared hamman vs alexander gustaffon match to be annouced any day

i'll be curious what match will be added to main card

unless their last match added is a main card fight i think best possible matches to be added to main card would be

ross pearson vs aaron riley or terry etim vs shannon gugherty

thank god it's free, main card needs a boost
9/10/09 12:41:45PM
the main card is exceptionally weak with the main event being
Kang vs Bisping
Hardy vs DHK Stun Gun for the co-main

Hopefully little Nog gets a decent named opponent too
9/10/09 3:07:11PM
No more Lil Nog/Hendo? I second the "thank god it's free". Noone, at least no semi-fan knows who Kang is, unless it's Mortal Kombat. And Hardy is not co-main event fighter yet, IMO. The stun-gun doesn't carry the marquee value either. The fact that Lil Nog is rumored to fight has me excited, but I think it's safe to say, he is Nogueria's twin brother, and he also fights, in the minds of the yuppies, So that ain't really helping either.

If they made Bisping/Leben the main event last year, I can't see why they wouldn't again. This time being in Manchester. I, personally think it's a weak card in terms of the main event and supporting cast. Especially when it's being sandwiched between huge main events, Shogun/Machida, Lesnar/Carwin, Penn/Sanchez. Hope something happens soon. Hendo/Nog 2 would stimulate, but not completely satisfy. I wish Wandy would have been up for the Bisping fight.
9/10/09 4:17:46PM
don't get me wrong a free card saves me 50 bucks but i think the last 2 freebies were blockbusters compared to this i still think ufc will add a big name fight maybe thiago silva or even a luis cane vs someone
plus lil nog fight but have him fight a top 10 guy he deserves that
or even add a hughes vs swick main event with this card
i do think ufc will come through in a few days with a good main event
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