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7/12/09 5:59:25PM
just got back from vegas from a 5 hour drive,
all sun burned up, had a crazy fun time in vegas

thur i was in a 3 hour line for the expo within first 20 people when it opened there were thousands in line
i run like a mad dog to the pride line and find 300 vip ufc members ahead of me wait another 2 hours
5 hours in line to meet royce gracie, rampage, and big nog who i had to break down my english and treat him like a kid for him to make sure how to spell my name for my autograph from him, but he smiled when i said i will see u in portland

i run into paul kelly, no one knows who he is, he is just there by himself, i throw him my hat he signs it then i run to the Q&A WITH FLORIAN get good seats but the couple in front of me all they do is make out the whole time and pretty much dry hump, she is drunk and on something almost falls to the ground 3 times, and i am such a perve i am trying to look down her shorts!!

weighins were cool, brock doing his empression of a mir pose was funny, okay pictures i took but not the best

friday night i had a threesome!! ohh did i say that!!!

sat i decide not to go early to the ufc expo i do wait in line for a hour, then 3 more for pride booth, find out 30 min before it starts that heath herring backed out, i was a tad pissed, but i did meet renzo gracie and shogun who is one of my favorites, did a little but kissing to have him sign my hat, it meant alot to me to get 2 signatures from him great guy!!

then i just walked around, met james wilks,
i see stardom has already made him a jerk!!
met frankt trigg, dustin hazelett was pretty cool guy
i met pete sell great guy, met phillipe nover ,
brian bowles and martin kammpman were cool, met dean lister, jay hieron, talked to shane carwin told him i saw him fight live in ohio and am going to cheer him on in LA

overeall it was alright experience, two days did burn me out, too many people,
now for the fights

might be best event live i have been two hearing the crowd go crazy for gsp!! screaming his name!!!!!!!!!

the shot heard around the world, hendo knocking out bisping i replaying again and again and again on the replay was worth the ticket itself, i was very very lucky i took the pic of the right connecting on bisping, next thing i know he was out i didn't see it, i had to see the replay to see it connect,

and lesnar!!!!!!!!!
never heard so many boos for a guy, he is the ultimate bad guy in mma!!!!
everyone hated him, people were actually so pissed that he won that poor jon fitch fight had a half empty arena to watch him
i must say his fight was the boringest one of them all
thank god i wore GSP t shirt instead of lesnar, i was happy lesnar won
i had a 4 fight parlay at mandalay, won my bet for the first time in 3 tries
okay pay out but money is money!!!
and when i went up to the race and sports book place all i said to the guy was " I FINALLY GOT MY MONEY BACK FROM YOU GUYS""
and he just looks at me, frowns and literally tosses me the money at me with the coins as well!!

i had lots of fun!! i needed it!!
next up is ufc 102 in portland!!
7/12/09 6:06:25PM
sounds like a good time
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