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2/2/09 7:48:53PM

Is it just me or does M1-Global have the absolute worst fights in all of MMA?

Hell, they might as well be wrestling matches.

2/2/09 9:12:02PM
Not a big fan but they are on tv there is some bad shows that wouldn't even sniff tv time.
2/2/09 9:41:23PM
I'm enjoying the round robin tourney
It's not the greatest but you have to factor in the format
You can't have guys killing themselves if they are going to fight again soon
But we see some cool moves
Throws into submissions
A head kick KO
And Daisuke Nakamura attempting flying armbars is reason enough to watch
He even stuck one
Maybe I just can't get enough MMA
2/2/09 9:46:11PM
I love watching M-1. The production quality sucks, but there's a lot of russian talent that we never get to see in the US. I think Sambo is a really exciting style, so I like to see those types of fighters.
2/2/09 10:22:34PM
Thanks for the comments, I'm really trying to figure it out, if its just me or.... I try to love it, I even love the fact that an org brought back teams.

I just, yea, there have been a few cool things over the entire season, but in general, ugh, I just cant get into them no matter how hard I try.
2/2/09 11:27:02PM
Adrenaline has it beat, though I like seeing something inhgerit Ironheart Crown's Illinois dominence
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