UFC's Brian Stann dropping to middleweight, hopes to fight in July or August

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POLL: How do you think Brain Stann will take the cut.
He will make weight fine. 41% (7)
He will make weight but will be drained when its time to fight. 53% (9)
He will not make the cut. 6% (1)
4/20/10 8:25:00AM
Brian Stann is tired of being an undersized light heavyweight in a division full of heavier takedown artists. So, he's moving to middleweight.

Stann, who today spoke to MMAjunkie.com from suburban Atlanta, said he "rolled the dice" against Phil Davis at UFC 109 but doesn't regret his decision to take a bad matchup on paper.

But the reason he took the fight might surprise you.

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4/20/10 8:57:30AM
i think he's a lil big for it. i was in a holding unit at camp lejeune with him. before this fights he was like 8% body fat (or so it seemed). I just dont know if he can get there without running into some energy issues
4/20/10 11:48:28AM
I really don't know if he would have energy to go 3 rounds
I sEe him gassing out
4/20/10 12:18:09PM
Although its been less so in the UFC than WEC, it seems like he carries a lot of muscle. If he adjusts his training and diet properly he may be able to turn some of that bulk into a more MW leaner physique...his over all body structure gives the KO power, not the big bicepts etc. I bet he could make this cut if he does it properly and be a monster.
4/20/10 1:40:08PM
I think he can make the weight, but it will cause energy issues. The only benefit is that at MW they will probably look to match him up with a striker or lose him all together. Look to see him against Drew McFedries!
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