Ex-agent: Boxer Morrison is HIV positive

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6/9/07 5:24:00PM

Tommy Morrison's former agent said Friday that the ex-heavyweight champion was positive for HIV in mandatory blood tests for a boxing license.

"Tommy has tested positive for HIV anti-bodies, and he always has," Randy Lang of Glendale said.

Morrison, who was licensed by West Virginia and beat John Castle on Feb. 22 in Chester after undergoing some of those tests in Phoenix, is scheduled for a mixed martial arts bout tonight against John Stover at Cliff Castle Casino in Camp Verde.

Morrison doesn't need a license tonight because the casino is the property of the Yavapai-Apache Nation and not under jurisdiction of the Arizona State Boxing Commission.

Morrison, 38, again said Thursday at a news conference in Camp Verde that he does not have HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. He also said the initial diagnosis before a scheduled fight in Las Vegas in 1996 was a false-positive.

"What doctors have told me is a lie," said Morrison, who has been living and training in Phoenix. "They're telling me I'm dying. I'm fine."

Lang said he split with Morrison on Feb. 25 because he said the tests in Phoenix were misrepresented by the boxer and his promoter, Peter McKinn, also the promoter for tonight's mixed-martial arts card.

The tests, which were witnessed by Lang, McKinn and John Montano of the Arizona Commission, were supposed to have been the basis for the West Virginia license.

However, Lang alleged that either the undisclosed documents were fraudulent or that blood samples were switched.

"All the blood tests came from Randy Lang and, as far as I saw on the paperwork sent by Lang, the results were zero-negative," said McKinn, who said he was never in West Virginia for the licensing process because of personal business in Phoenix.

McKinn and Morrison's publicist/manager, Lisa Woodard of Northridge, Calif., said that Lang misrepresented himself as an attorney.

"He has no credentials," said Woodard, who is engaged to be married to Morrison.

Lang said Friday that he has a degree from the American College of Law in Anaheim.

Lang said Friday that his work with Morrison was based on the argument that he had a right to fight, even with a positive test, because evidence of HIV was so low that the virus could not be transmitted in the ring if injured fighters exchanged blood in a collision.

"That has always been my position, and it's the appropriate one," said Lang, who also said Morrison tested positive for Hepatitis C.

Morrison, a nephew of late actor John Wayne and had a film role in Rocky V, was scheduled for an April 27 bout in Houston.

He underwent blood tests in Houston, but documentation did not arrive in time for Texas authorities to grant him a license, according to media reports. Morrison said he withdrew the application. Those tests were reported to be negative.
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