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8/29/07 3:32:12PM
would any of you like to see butter bean and brock fight? i was watchin some butter bean fights today and saw brocks fight i think it would be a fun fight to watch( i know it prolby would not happen)but if it did would any of you like to see this fight?
8/29/07 3:49:37PM
That would be very entertaining but I would have to give the slight edge to Butterbean
8/29/07 3:51:44PM
to tell you the truth i wouldnt wanna watch this fight, i dont know why, but i just never liked watching freakshow fights like Bob sapp vs Hong choi man, and the fight that was ment to happen Brock lesnar vs Hong choi man, i dont know if its just me but fights like that dont interest me...
9/7/07 3:43:50PM
How about the winner face's Bob Sapp. That would be Funny
9/7/07 5:52:49PM
Lesnar by Shooting Star Press, Third Round. You know when he does that move he always injures someone. Just ask Kurt Angle.
9/7/07 6:52:36PM
what about butterbean and cabbage?
that would be an awesome fight
9/21/07 12:02:02AM
Lesner should fight Kimbo. That would be entertaining.