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7/24/07 10:33:56AM
hi, i am a 24 year old guy from Scotland, im 6''4 and weigh just under 300lbs, i have just started eating healthy(well about 2 months or so)and i enjoy it.
However i aint loosing any weight, which i accept is due to not relly exercising, i have an exercise bike that isnt to great, not enough resistance, and i have individual dumbbells, im a pretty strong guy and i am wondering how to go around using them.
any help on this would greatly be appreciated, tips on what kinds of food to eat to loose weight would kindly be accepted.
7/24/07 11:24:41AM
Cut all the fat out of your diet, out with the salt and sugar too.

Start eating a lot of greens, and plenty of fruit. Drink Water instead of pop or juice. I eat a lot of Cous Cous and rice, both are good for energy, but are low in fat.

Swap out most of your red meat for fish (tuna steaks, or chunks, are espescially good, really high in protein and low in saturated fats). Eat plenty of chicken, but take the skin off it. Dont cut out all red meat, because it contains iron that is essential in your diet, but dont overdo red meat, because even if you cut the fat off it, there is still a lot more fat between the muscle fibres than in say, a chicken.

If you drink milk, get onto Semi skimmed milk, I personally cant stand fully skimmed milk, its rank, but anything is better than full fat milk!

Avoid convenience foods (mircowave meals) for the most part, even the low fat ones have loads of chemicals in them that you just dont need, but if you really must eat microwave meals at whatever point, go for low fat ones, even if they are a bit bland and tasteless.

in summary...

More Water
More fresh veg + fruit
More Chicken and fish

Less Red Meat
less salty food
Less fatty food
Less sugary food

Get a good exercise plan going. I work out every other day like, this...

Monday: Thai boxing training
Tueday: Rest
Wednesday: Skipping, strength and conditioning
Thursday: rest
Friday: Same was wednesday
saturday: light exercise (slow jog, slow skipping)
Sunday: Rest

In short, to lose weight you need to expend more energy than you are putting in, but that doesnt mean starving yourself. Eat foods that are metabolised easily (IE, foods that arent fatty), so that they get burned up by exercise, and not just packed on as fatty tissue. Weight loss is gradual, crash weight loss is dangerous and your body goes into a critical state and will pile weight back on to save itself, probably making you heavier than when you started.

Weigh yourself once a week and chart your weight loss.

Hope this is some help to you!
7/24/07 1:03:37PM
thats grat thanks, but for the exercise i was kinda hoping for help with barbell routines aswell, but thanks for the help in the diet
7/24/07 1:40:13PM
Start running to get your cardio up and it help with the weight lost

If you don't have a alot of weight go for reps and make sure you form is correct alot of people lift weights with piss poor form it will do nothing for you.

I suggest getting a yoga ball and use that as a bench while doing shoulder presses and bench press. DONT use to much weight until you get your balance using the ball will help work your core and also your form
7/24/07 6:03:41PM
Mastodon2 basically put it in a nutshell. I use to be a little overweight and I found that I had to work myself into exhaustion everyday. I was sore nearly every morning for 3 weeks.I also went low carb. but I protein (but not to the extreme). The only time I really had carbs was for quick energy before the workout. Long distance running, sprinting, calistenics, and low weight high rep weightlifting helped me a lot. In the very begining of any workout program, the first month or two may not be a big difference because your body is adjusting to working out. Good luck in your training.