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3/30/07 5:56:05PM
That this website should have a card every week. It doesnt have to be PRIDE or UFC. There is always a card somewhere, whether it be K1, shooto, EXC, Strikeforce or IFL. It just seems that theres too much down time sometimes.
3/30/07 6:13:16PM
give it a week there will be plenty to bet on this month. the fact is there are too many guys that no one, or very few people, have ever heard of in the smaller orgs so its just not doable with this many people
3/30/07 7:12:03PM
Hey . I thing UFC and Pride is just good enough to play our game . Even the UK card is kinda hard to make up your mind , because the undercard fighters are like out of nowhere :).. And now after the 2 bigest leagues has "joined together" maybe the " grand prix " events are going to added as well . I hope so :)
3/31/07 11:31:24AM
ya any more cards would be to hard to pick. some ppl don't come on here every day and don't want too
3/31/07 6:05:33PM
yeah there is alot of down time
4/2/07 12:07:06AM
What about Showtime, EXC and Pro Elite. I know more about those people than the undercard of UFC most of the times.
4/2/07 7:12:56AM
You dont have to make picks though ...................... so if you dont know the cage rage / ifl / elite xc / k-1 heroes - fighters then you dont need to do picks, it just would be nice to have the option
4/2/07 1:56:25PM
IFL would be sweet to try to pick. Not only would you pick the fighters, but the superfights and the overall team victory.